Hitman (2007)

I guess it’s probably a bit tough to make a movie based on a game, there aren’t many people who will watch a movie/read a book a hundred times, but I’m sure there are a tonne of folk who have played each Hitman challenge at least a hundred times. So we know the story, we know how things should look, and we expect a lot of little references that ‘outsiders’ won’t notice. (As if Hitman is an underrground game?)

Anyway, it’s not saying much, believe me, to acknowledge that Hitman was better than I expected. Some scenes were, I will admit, friggin’ awesome.

For instance? Well, the love scene. I was thinking “what the fuck is this shit?” and then it was clear.

If you like bald men (and hey, you’re reading my site. So.) and action movies, then I reckon you’ll probably dig it. Knowing the games is not required. Not remotely. It will make no difference. (Though perhaps you’ll appreciate the W2000 a little more.)

I’m being ambiguous aren’t I? My bad, I guess it’s a fun, well made action movie, but it’s not the movie of the year.