The White Planet (2007)

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I’ve been on a bit of a documentary kick lately, and let me just tell you, White Planet is fantastic.

A fairly conventional wildlife/nature doco, set in the Arctic, and looking reasonably briefly at a broad range of animals – bookended with Polar Bears.

Even if just for the hooded sealion, it was worth it. (Those dudes are fucking crazy.)

Even if just for the Baluga Whales, it was worth it. (Seriously, 2 hours of those awesome white dudes swimming around deep under the ice, upside down, whistling and giggling continously would kick ass.)

Even if just for the Arctic Wolf hunting lemming in the snow (it reminded me of George prancing and bouncing in the grass), it was worth it. (Though I’m glad they didn’t show the actual kill.)

Even if just for the massive narwhal party, it was worth it. (How no one got stabbed I just don’t know.)

Every part, from massive caribou migration to polar bears hunting, to crying furseal, this movie was great. Gorgeous.

And don’t miss the message. (We’re well past time to go post-industrial, don’t you think?)

Go and see it right now. The theatre (excellent in every respect, by the way) I saw it in down at Newmarket Rialto was nearly empty – which is a damn shame.