July 30, 2003
George has been a naughty boy.

May 1, 2003
George asked us to take him to Raglan, so we did. Loads of action shots, including this awesome one in which he forgot himself and used his superpowers.

April 11, 2003
George is a dog, this means most days he does the same thing he did the day before… Go for a walk, play with his mates in the park, lie around a lot, and look out the window while he waits for me to finish being boring and play with him.

This means that very often it’s not interesting for me to post about him.

Which is basically my way of saying: I’m not going to be updating this page very often, but if you look at the post frequency, you’ll already know this.

October 29, 2002
If you’ve never tried to catch a photo of a dog sleeping, you won’t appreciate how lucky I was to get this one.

October 28, 2002
George is both much much better, and much much worse. He’s learning not to jump up so much, and he’s playing much nicer. But he’s also been going into the bin a lot (daily, sometimes more) and ruining a lot of Claire’s nice stuff.

It’s a bit hard to reconcile the good little baby boy with the naughty little bad puppy… He only ever does the bad stuff when we’re out.

September 18, 2002
Haven’t updated in a month, but I don’t think George will notice – he’s a dog, he can’t read.

I’m gave George a treat today, a drink of my coke, he loves coke, goes crazy for it.

I hope he’s not addicted.

August 16, 2002
We’ve been trying to teach George some tricks, started simple with sit and lie down, and now he’s pretty much got ‘play dead’ as well. Not bad for a little baby.

His favourite flavour for today is fried bread (from The Bake Haus on Ponsonby Rd).

August 6, 2002
George’s absolute favourite flavour of the month for August is cardboard.

George @ Lake Pupuke, getting a cuddle.July 19, 2002
Up at the crack of 10am to take George to the vet, last of his parvo shots, first of his lepto shots… And a bothering with a thermometer, poor boy.

Afterwards we treated him to another run-around in Gribblehurst Park, he likes to jump up on children and lick their faces, this causes them some concern, and us even more – it’s terrifying to consider the possibility of him nipping some kids nose, I don’t ever want to have to deal with that.

July 18, 2002
He still hasn’t had all his shots, but I took George for a walk yesterday at Gribblehurst Park, he loves running around outside… Was quite fascinated by toddler playing on a swing with its mother.

Also, I rode the flying fox, it turns out it’s designed for small children (as you might expect, being a very educated reader) and not for me… This became clear about halfway through my ride when I hit the ground (but continued sliding).

July 10, 2002
There aren’t many things as cute as a puppy snoring.

July 7, 2002
I’m not the only one talking about George.

July 4, 2002
George loves to cuddle, he’s a baby, so he should, but he really loves all contact, if I’m working at my ‘puter, he’ll jump up and put his front paws on my legs (can’t get all the way up) and whine until I put him on my lap.

The last couple of mornings, once we let him into our bedroom, he climbs into bed with us, and snuggles up and sleeps for an hour or so. It’s adorable. Apart from when he chews your face, or pushes your eyeball with a claw. 🙂

He also had a terrible accident, and piddled on the duvet cover, which made me very sad. 🙁

July 3, 2002
Yay, since the last update (e.g.. a couple of hours) George has learned how to move up and down the stairs, the first time was very trying, with a lot of whining a crying, but he made it, and now he can do it without a whimper – though he still has to be very careful on the way down.

He also appears to be getting the idea that piddling on the carpet is bad – as long as he’s up stairs… But if he’s downstairs he doesn’t know where to go.

George Wallpaper
Our new puppy (9 weeks old) on the first day we had him home. If you like puppies, you might like this.
1280×1024 | 1152×864 | 1024×768

July 2, 2002
George is our puppy, he’s a Labrador / Staffordshire Terrier cross, we got him when he was just 9 weeks old from the SPCA.

He is cute.

He is also completely untrained in the ways of the world.

He doesn’t know how to use stairs.

Or how to not piddle on the carpet – but thankfully he’s never piddled in my lap (which is one of his favourite places to sleep).

As he’s so young, he’s still in the middle of his vaccinations, so he’s not even allowed to go for a run in the park, which must be a bit hard for him. But I don’t know if he’s ever played on grass, so perhaps he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

He has funny wrinkles on his face – I suspect this is some of the Staffordshire Terrier showing through, but other people have said its just because he’s a puppy.


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