Trident – Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken

Trident Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken

Country: Thailand
Flavour: Coconut Chicken. Two
sachets: soup base (sugar, salt, coconut cream powder, dried leek,
artificial chicken flavour, ‘spices’); chilli powder sachet.
Size: 85g.
From: Foodtown.
Price: $0.40

While the flavour sachets don’t seem to state it, I feel like I can smell that sweet sweet aroma of lemongrass in this one.

I’m sure everyone who has ever eaten noodles has probably had these
ones, they’ve been around for years, they came in around the same time
as the Trident Hot and Spicy
Thai, but I find the creaminess to offset the pure burning hotness of those ones.

The noodles are a little floury, but at least they do pick up the flavour of the soup reasonably well.

The soup is opaque and beige coloured, with floating green vegetables things here and there, presumably bits of leek.

The flavour of the soup is way better than the texture of the noodles
in this case. The lemony sweetness, blends with the coconut creaminess,
and with a deep hot spiciness.

I find myself just wanting to tip the bowl back and drink it all
down.  It’s hard to resist.  And why resist temptation?

Rating: Noodles 2.5/5, soup 3.5/5. Overall 6/10.

Nutrition Information
  Average per serving (500g, including added water)
Energy 1,945kJ
Protein 12.0g
Fat – Total 19.5g
– Saturated 11.0g
Carbohydrate 60.0g
– Sugars <1.0g
Sodium 2300mg

2 thoughts on “Trident – Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken

  1. I love this flavor and cannot find it in any supermarket in porirua I work at pak n save porirua and we use to sell it a few yrs ago but we dnt any more can u please help me and let me knw where I can get it or if it’s still available

  2. I used to love these noodles but haven’t seen them in the supermarkets for ages. Have they stopped producing them?

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