Need something to do while you’re supposed to be finishing off that important proposal?.. Here you go.

Go on then, get distracted!

Lasers and mirrors and stuff… Line them all up just right, which sometimes can be a bit… Unintuitive… And you move on to the next level

Sweet red played this while she was working out her notice period, and ihug wouldn’t let her do anything. It’s fun. 🙂

Snow craft
I think Lloyd Solly introduced me to this one, it’s a cool game, you play a team of red hooded kids having a big snowball fight with a bigger gang.

Click the ball to keep it in the air, seems easy doesn’t it?.. No problem, right?.. Go on then.

Click click click, another click-like-mad one, like Kick-ups, good for twitchy FPS players.

It’s kind of crappy, I was pointed to this one from a thread on metafilter. Basically a 2 player game of volleyball, but your opponent cheats non-stop.

Pedestrian Killer
Simply run over as many pedestrians in your car as you can… Splat splat splat aieee.