Hot Rod (2007)

The Devil Dare Me to (2007) + Eagle vs. Shark (2006) / 2.

But I’d say it was probably better than The Devil Dare Me to, but not as good as Eagle Vs. Shark.

Another one about a seemingly retarded kid who does stunts, who decides (for whatever reason) that he has to do a big giant jump. P.S. he talks a lot about his stuntman dad and talks a lot about how he died doing a stunt. All the while slowly winning over the hot girl who likes him for no apparent reason.

But the stunts are cool, and the production values are high, and there you go.

Bonus points for improbably long tumble down a mountain scene.

Extra special bonus points for extended use of a moped. (Yes, an actual moped, with actual pedals. Doing jumps.)

If you’re up for some completely retarded fun, you’d be hard pressed to find a more awkward exemplar.