Eagle vs Shark (2006)

An offbeat dysmantic (good word, eh?) comedy about a loser jerk (he’s a bit thick, and he’s a jerk because he’s been badly damaged by the loss of his brother, and possibly by his father’s favoritism of his bro before he died) played by Flight of the Conchords guy Jemaine Clement and the sweet simple girl (Loren Horsly) that loves him – and wins him over through her use of MAD GAMER SKILLZ – as they meet, fall in… whatever it is they fall in… and then take a trip to his hometown to take down his high school nemesis Eric the Samoan.

Heaps of faces you know (and probably an equal number of other faces you’d know if only you were a Wellingtonist), putting in some great performances.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to be a raving parochial loon like me to enjoy this movie. Sure, so some of it isn’t funny, it’s not all meant to be funny, there’s lots of actual story in there too, but the bits that are meant to be funny? They’re high-larious.

Director Taika Waititi introduced the movie and did a Q&A afterwards, dude has some mad charisma going on. He’s seriously charming. I now officially have the hots for him (now I just have to knock off his long term partner – and star of the movie – Loren Horsely).

Actually I called Loren the star, but the real star (if you count the tracksuits out of the running) had to be sweet little child actress Morag Hills – that dance sequence? That was awesome. Talk about your complicated choreography. (teehee)

Listen, just go and see it, you’ll laugh your big fat arse off. And when you come out you’ll want a human sized hamster wheel. (Oh yes you WILL!)

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  1. IMDb says this movie is from 2007, the credits said 2006. Taika made the credits, so I’m going with him on this one.

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