No Mercy for the Rude (2006)

No Mercy for the Rude is the story of a mute orphan who grows up to be a master vegetable slicer, then discovers that to afford an operation to fix his tongue, he needs to become a stylish poet-hitman with an obsession for matadors and the only girl that was nice to him at the orphanage. It’s quite a funny movie, but it also features rather a lot of knife murders and splashing blood, and bad haircuts (I’m looking at you helmet-hair!). Also, hotsecks and ballet knife fights.

Little did I know that I’d previously a seen a movie by the same (Korean) director & lead actor, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance – if I had realised I probably wouldn’t have seen this one, Mr Vengeance was the boring, slow, and somewhat incoherant tale of a deaf guy who tries to get money to pay for his sisters surgery, but ends up with everyone around him dead, and then killed himself. This time up, they take the crazy, and they take the defects, and they make something quite interesting.

I don’t think many retards read my site (anymore), but if there are any of you out there running your finger alone the lines of text trying to decipher the meaning of words like ‘hilarity’ or ‘hotsecks’, this isn’t a movie for you. (i.e. Subtitles.)

I thought it was good.