Beethoven’s Hair (2005)

Highly rated and extremely popular documentary about a lock of Beethoven’s hair that was cut from his day old corpse, and then made it’s way through the years to a pair of Beethoven enthusiast/collectors who proceed to have it scientifically tested in order to unlock (teehee) some of the secrets of his life and death.

The scheduled two sessions sold out so quickly that they put on a third showing. To be honest I don’t entirely understand the fuss, I didn’t think it was particularly well made, and I don’t really think it’s up to the standard of other Film Festival documentaries I watched this year. The recreations were rubbish, and it looked like it was all shot on too low a budget. Some of the speakers were very interesting, and the story itself is an interesting one, but I think they just missed the mark slightly.

A little disappointing.