Don’t watch this video.

Don’t watch this video unless you’re really keen to see a bunch of nastiest old crap extruded out of a guys neck. As the video says in the first few seconds: “The Nastiest Cyst Removal Ever!!! Caution strong stomach needed.” This isn’t reverse psychology, I’m not trying to trick you into pushing play.

Now push play. (Don’t push play.)


I confess that I rather enjoyed it – let’s be honest, this is a bunch of guys (and a girl) performing minor surgery on their mate at home – but it’s late and I’m all hopped up on curry, so my perspective may well be distorted.

One thought on “Don’t watch this video.

  1. I can’t get the money shot(s) out of my head. I’m hard at work and I keep thinking of all of that gross grey-green goo.

    I’m keeping it posted, but DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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