Armageddon outta here…

We took advantage of our Labour Day off to head on down to Armageddon, the pulp culture expo.  Allow me to let you in on a little secret only known to a few industry insiders…

Armageddon friggin’ sucks.

It’s getting worse and worse every year.

It’s now at the stage where I wouldn’t even go if I had free tickets.  I wouldn’t go if I had to pay for parking.

This year, I had free tickets, and free parking, and it took a total of approximately 30 minutes to see EVERYTHING.

They had a Wii stand there, but no Wii.  They had a Playstation 3 stand there, but no Playstation 3.

They have NOTHING good.

I couldn’t even be bothered going into any of the panels, even though they had folk from one of the TV shows I like (Stargate Atlantis).  It just wasn’t worth it if it meant hanging around in that useless hell hole of Look-At-Me Emo kids and fat girls with battleaxes.


Tonight we headed over to Adam & Sandra’s place and watched the new Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood with them, Karl & Louise, and a lot of curries.  It was, amazingly enough, quite good.  Swearing, sex, violence.  Everything that Doctor Who always should have had.


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