Super Hiro!

If you’ve been anywhere near me at any point in the last few weeks you will have already heard me talking about Heroes, a new TV show that’s jut started playing.  The reason I’ve been talking about it so much, is really simple: it’s completely friggin’ awesome!

The premise is fairly simple, some people have mutations that give them super human powers – sort of like X-Men, only no laser vision yet.  But these people aren’t spandex clad super heroes, straight out of Professor Xavier’s Academy, these guys are… a male nurse, a politician, a cheer leader, a Japanese office worker, and a webcam girl.  (There are others as well, but they haven’t played very big parts yet.)

My favourite character has to be Hiro, who has developed the ability to bend time and space.  Not bad for a Japanese salariman.  (He’s a complete friggin’ dude, with his excited, high-pitched babbling and Star Trek references.)  But it’s a close call between him and Cheerleader, with the power to… get smashed all to bits and live.  Man she’s awesome.  I knew I was going to like her from the first time I saw her pushing her broken ribs back into her chest.

I strongly encourage you to try Heroes out for yourself, it’s weird, and it’s cool.  You have to give it at least 3 or 4 episodes, it gets better and better, and the first one might be more weird than awesome.