A change is as good as a holiday. I hope.

I’ve been offered a really sweet role with Auckland University, and I’m starting tomorrow.  I don’t yet know if there are any policies about talking about the workplace online, so at this stage I’m going to assume that I won’t be talking about the role here at all.  This is fine, as I don’t feel entirely comfortable talking about work stuff online, it tends to smack of unprofessionalism.

I’m really excited about the whole thing, but let’s see how it all works out, eh?

(I was burned pretty bad by Ihug management behaviour, and I’m feeling a bit apprehensive – don’t forget, I haven’t been an ’employee’ in over 5 years.  I’ve had a lot of reassurance that not everyone is as bad as the Woods grew to be, and the couple of stints of working in contract/consulting roles I’ve had have been pretty good.  But you know, there’s a difference between knowing something rationally and… stopping… worrying.)

Anyway, I’ve been ramping my business down for the last few months, I have a handful of projects that I’m going to be finishing off over the next few weeks in whatever spare time I can scrape up, but I won’t be entirely winding the business up – I’ll just treat it the same way Claire has been for the last few years, a couple of hours here and there, and not seeking new clients.

By the way, following an accident* with my old Vodafone account, I’ve had to get a new number: ### ### ####.  Please update your address book.

* Turns out that if you hardly ever use your phone to make calls, and don’t notice that you’ve gone over 12 months without buying any airtime, Vodafone disconnects your plan, and won’t do ANYTHING for you.  Not even for a fee.  Just between you and me, Vodafone have proven themselves to be utterly inept in almost every respect through this entire episode.  I predict their brand will be increasingly tarnished in the near future by this kind of customer hostile behaviour.  Just you wait and see.

2 thoughts on “A change is as good as a holiday. I hope.

  1. Hey, congratulations on your new job!

    When I left Ihug and went to Xtra, I was shocked at how professional it all seemed. It was just really nice to work for a company where you could just get on with your job and not have to worry about some crazy guy coming in and start swearing at everyone.

    But while I’m sure Auckland Uni will be a good place to work, don’t get too starry-eyed and don’t let The Man bring you down, y’know?

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