The pause that refreshes.

I’ve just been reliably informed that Coca Cola will very shortly be releasing everyone’s favourite 1980s bevvy: Mellow Yello.  So if you’re jonesing for a little bit of summery 80s refreshment reminiscing, you’ll join me in tipping up a few.  It would be even more complete if enjoyed while lying on the grass at Pt Erin eating a tomato sauce englommed greasy battered and deep fried sausage on a stick, all the while getting a real good burn on ‘cos you’re slathered up with coconut smelling goop that has a negative SPF rating.  A few quick turns on the big roundabout, then it would be time for some depth charges from the highdive board.

7 thoughts on “The pause that refreshes.

  1. Isn’t Mello Yello just a precursor to the far superior Mountain Dew?

  2. I got that email from Coke. I am very excited and wondering how many I can buy in the “limited” time that I have.
    I am also wondering if it is going to be the same or if this is one of those childhood memory things.
    Also – I thought we had mello yello before mountain dew? Am I wrong or was it like that here in NZ?

  3. My strongest memory of Mellow Yello, aside from the TV ad with the woman in a swimsuit downing an entire bottle, is of how completely awful it was once it had warmed up. (Like, you know, what would happen if you had it with you… on the beach.)

    I’m pretty sure it was long since gone from the market by the time Mountain Dew came out. (I was in a market research group for Mountain Dew before it was released.)

    I love the Dew, but it’s still nice to have a taste from my childhood. Next maybe they could come out with great big glass bottles of Leed. (I expect it is indistinguishable from Sprite.)

  4. I remember What Now (I think) asked viewers to phone in with what was “wrong” with the Mello Yello ad.

    The answer was that when the beach lady sculls back the bottle (in what would surely be banned in these obesity epidemic days), the logo on the label magically flips the other way around so it appears right-side up.

    I suspect I will buy one bottle or can of Mello Yello and be reminded of why they stopped making it.

  5. Aw i just love the stuff have read all above but once again……………
    Is Mellow yellow coming back???????? next year???
    I dunno but as a kid we always got M Y with our fish and chips damn great!!!! we moved on to Icecream soda after that which is good too but NOTHING beats an icecold Mellow Yellow 🙂

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