All these fruits are yours, except bananas. Attempt no eatings there-of.

Claire left her phone at home, so I went on a mercy mission to drop it off at her workplace (she has a desk with no phone, the company opting instead to use the mobile network wherever possible).  Following that, George took me for a walk around the domain, and then the trouble started.  On the way home from the park, he told me I should stop and get some fruit, so I did.

So far this afternoon I’ve eaten seven (7) oranges, three (3) mandarins, and two (2) kiwifruit.  It would have been even worse, but the pears have a slight firmness that I’ll give them a day or two to recover from, and the bananas have a very slight tinge of green at the ends.  So who knows what would have happened if everything had been ready for immediate gobbling?  I don’t know.  But it sure would have been delicious to find out.

Other food I’ve been enjoying recently, starting right up the very top, was One Tree Grill last Saturday night, when we celebrated our pretty (but dim) friend Sandra’s mumblingth birthday, I opted for the grilled venison (in a wonderful thyme’y crust) with frites and bearnaise sauce, and a rocket, parmesan & pear salad.  It was really, really good.  Super tender and delightful.  Louise had the pork belly, which was great as well.  Claire chose the tuna steak, which was ok, but disappointingly less great that those we make at home.  I tried a little of Sandra’s calamari, and just between you and me, it was pretty awful.  Very rubbery and a bit fishy.  For dessert I chose the sticky prune & walnut pudding, with vanilla ice cream and a butterscotch sauce, it was very good.  All in all, One Tree Grill was less stellar than other times we’ve visited.

On Sunday we visited my mother, then headed over to Shoreville to visit Dylan, Melanie, & little Harrison to eat pizza (it was very bad, their Domino’s makes very dry pizza compared to two orbiting around our suburb) and play a new board game Claire grabbed off TradeMe: Apples to Apples.  A very simple to learn card based game, which I’m not going to go into detail to describe (if you’re interested you’ll google it), which was really good fun.  And I’m not just saying that ‘cos I won both games.  (I sacrificed my second win so we could play a couple more hands, giving Dylan a chance to catch up, preventing him from crying like a friggin’ baby, but he still didn’t manage it.  Melanie took it out, just before Claire could.)

We’ve done many other things since I last wrote, but you know.  Pfft.

One thought on “All these fruits are yours, except bananas. Attempt no eatings there-of.

  1. Next time we just go for Chinese again. Thats the first time we had pizzas from there and they certainly weren’t as good as any other Dominos I’ve been to.
    Although Harrison really wanted more olives the next day and was very upset when I showed him that the boxes were empty!

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