A Fish & Chips Games Night.

We headed over to Adam & Sandra’s to play games, on the way I was totally jonesing for fruit – I’d had meat, and a lot of it, for lunch.  And my body was just begging for something different, so I grabbed some apples & mandarins when we stopped briefly so Claire could take pity on a lonely bottle of pinot noir.

The takeaway place (on Marua Rd) was just one of those standard suburban Chinese food places, and not wanting big starchy lumps of fried fat I instead opted for a chicken chow mein with extra cashews (as you do), and a can of creaming soda.

My only complaint about the chow mein was that there was just so damn much of it.  It was enough to feed a family of 4.  Really.  And all I really want was sauced up noodles and roasted cashews.  Very good.  (Unlike the fish the girls got, which was apparently really crappy, though the chips were pretty good.)

We played Cranium, which is good as there are so many different challenges.  And it was a nice close game, which we only won by a single card at the end.

Now, I’m really wishing I’d packed up all that left-over chow mein to bring home for lunch today, I’m really craving some of that chicken & vegetable noodley goodness.