A Chinese Food Birthday.

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Being Monday, it was time to go out for dinner with Pat to celebrate his birthday (I don’t know which one, and with that beard of his it’s pretty hard to judge) so Claire walked around the corner from her offices, and I drove up Gillies Ave, to a place on the corner of Khyber Pass & Kingdon St called Sunnytown Chinese Restaurant.

Let me cut a long story short, the food was kind of okay, but the selection wasn’t very good, the rice was rubbish, and it’s just bloody lucky I was there as early as I was, so I could stick an oar in an get at least a couple of dishes that people wanted.  (One person decided to take control of ordering, and placed the orders before everyone had actually arrived.)  They also only had a B hygiene rating.  The roast duck was pretty nice.  And the lemon chicken was okay.  But there was something about the place I didn’t especially like – I think it could have been that it was huge, with heaps of empty tables, which just isn’t a good sign.

We headed somewhere else for coffee & dessert, and I guided everyone to Safran, which is just off that park on the corner of Khyber Pass & Broadway.  Let me just say, it was a relief to go somewhere good to finish the evening off.  I had the bread & butter pudding with apricot liquer and it was really, really great.  I had a limonata as well that just tasted like Roses cordial, but never mind.  And Claire has a glass of a really tasty Chianti (I didn’t get the name of it unfortunately).

To sum things up:
Sunnytown Chinese Restaurant = Not so good, but with the caveat that most of the food was okay.
Saffran = Really good, but we didn’t have mains there.