Our Sugar Evening.

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After mowing the lawns (see here for thrilling details) Claire decided to see if anyone wanted to have dinner, and lo Dylan & Melanie were keen, so Claire went out to buy shoes & handbags (I think it must be a girl thing) while I…  Actually, I don’t really know what I did.  But it probably involved reading things on the internet.

I quickly threw together an Apple & Blackberry Crumble (that recipe is for an Apple & Boysenberry crumble, which I favour, but other people like it with blackberries better), then we picked up a roast chicken on the way, and headed for the Shore.  As soon as we arrived I put the crumble in the oven, and we ate while it cooked.  Melanie made some little pesto bread snacks (like garlic bread, only… with no actual garlic), buttery potatoes, and a nice green salad with loads of cheese.

Little Harrison looks more handsome every time we see him.  Especially when he rubs his tomato saucy pasta in his ears, and all over the table, and in his nose, and on the carpet, on his feet, and all over his clothes.  So, super-handsome tonight.  He seems to really dig on music, getting a lovely angelic smile on his face as soon as it starts playing (adverts, or anything, he’s not fussy) and bopping around if he’s standing up.

Then it was bed-time for the littlest one, and dessert time for the rest of us.  The crumble was great, and the sugar really showed.  Dylan ate an awful lot of cream (too much, but it’s not my heart).

We played a round of Pictionary, it was a nice and close game – but luckily Claire & I won.  Dylan drew male genitalia on a dais, I drew medalists on a dais, Claire guessed ‘First’.  And we were out first up.  Woot.

I’m pretty sure Dylan is sleeping on the sofa for that.

2 thoughts on “Our Sugar Evening.

  1. He was allowed in the bed but only after doing all the dishes and cleaning up (It was clearly “penis on a stand”)

  2. That’s a relief, you’re very accommodating to him. It’s not his fault he has all those… Genetic… Problems. (And protein stains.)

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