Earth Sandwich

[Update: this video is also available on YouTube.]

The video clip I mentioned the other day is all done and dusted – at least as much as it’s ever going to be. I’m still feeling a bit weak from my food poisoning and get quite light headed very easily, so I’m just not going to edit this sucker anymore. And it probably needs a bit more cutting. I think it’s funny as is, but still overlong by probably 3 minutes.

Earth Sandwich

About ‘Earth Sandwich’

Ze laid a challenge on his site to create the first Earth Sandwich, this is a piece of bread on opposite sides of the globe placed on the ground. I placed mine in my front yard, the opposite happened to be on land (which isn’t true of most of the entrants who placed their bread in North America – resulting in a sandwich that needs its other half in the middle of the Indian Ocean) in Spain.

Some really cool guys (Canadian brothers Jon & Duncan from flew from London to Portugal, then drove into Spain and with the aid of their GPS handset found their way to the exact opposite side of the planet, where they placed their half of the Earth Sandwich. They released a clip of their escapades, and I didn’t want to be left out so I made a clip of my own – even though my expedition was far, far less exciting or cool.

Amazingly, by our powers combined, we beat everyone else on the planet.

Even so, to make up for the un-cool-ness of the placement of my half of the sandwich, I had to resort to farce, sound effects, and speeding up my footage.

I think it’s hilarious, but I’m very very sick right now, so you’re free to disagree. (Either way, leave a comment, it’s fast and easy.)

About this clip

It’s pretty big, so if you’re not on broadband, it might not be worth the wait. It’s encoded to MP4 so it could be worse. Quicktime will play the file nicely, as will VLC, or I guess Windows Media Player might be able to do it if you keep quite up to date.

Any further hypothetical video clips will certainly be a lot shorter and smaller.

Baguette Recipe

500g flour
4 tsp yeast
300ml warm water
3 tsp salt

Mix the flour and yeast in a large bowl until evenly distributed, then add warm water and mix well for a minute, finally add the salt and knead well for about 15 minutes.

Roll out into 2 or 3 rough baguette shapes, place on a lightly floured baking tray, then cover with a cloth and put somewhere warm for 20 – 30 minutes to raise. (I put mine in the hot water cupboard.)

Score each baguette 5 or 6 times with a sharp knife, then bake in a pre-heated oven at 240c for about 30 minutes. Keep a good eye on them, you’ll notice that while I said mine looked good, they were actually pretty dark brown (but they really were very delicious). I’ve cooked this recipe a bunch of times, and our oven seems to have some difficulties maintaining the even temperature, so it hasn’t been quite the same twice.

15 thoughts on “Earth Sandwich

  1. Okay – so its a bit crazy. Did George eat the bread? I bet he did.

  2. He ate no bread, I swear it! It stayed out there for a couple of days while birds gradually disappeared it.

  3. DUDE. FREAKIN AWESOMENESS! REALLY WELL DONE. I laughed so hard! Yer power move is kickass! We are posting your video on our sites.


  4. Hey Morgan….

    Congrats on the Earth Sandwhich! I knew…just knew…as soon as it was complete. I felt it in me waters. Your video, and the video by Megablade and The Crusher, only confirmed what I knew in my heart. Everything just felt know. All was good in the world and I, well…I was a condiment. YOU! You did this! Thank you ever so much!

    Yours in eternal gleefulness
    Lee Lee
    Wollongong, Australia

    P.S. Has Ze given you a LOA name yet?

  5. GOOD BOY, GEORGE! Undogly restraint, that. 🙂

    Morgan – my boyfriend & I watched your video at – we actually started it last night but were having computer problems, and when we came back, couldn’t find it! :O So we wen’t looking for it again today & found it! and enjoyed it so much. It’s funny how we could tell you were a professional cook just from the way you handled that dough 😉
    Very sorry about the food poisoning – I’ve never passed out from it – good grief!
    Anyway – thanks for the great little vid. You’re a star!

  6. Dude! That’s awesome! I wondered about the other half of the sandwich. Great video! Well made and edited. Weeee!

  7. Fair play! Good work, and well done. Just watched your video at zefrank. Genius. I hope you get inducted into the LoA today…

  8. Well done Morgan, we need more than just Hobbits & sheep to keep us on the map. I’m going to try out your baguette recipe, but it’s bloody cold down here in Christchurch for the raising of the bread…

  9. awesome! you and george both deserve LoA names. new zealand looks like a lovely place to live and your bread looked delicious.

  10. Finalmente! Cleverly downloaded the thingie that enabled me to watch the video [obviously got his technical expertise from the maternal side of the bloodline] and it was so worth it. Comic genius and I’d say that even if I weren’t yer mum.

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