My time zone for the day.

Is Zombie Standard Time, that’s roughly GMT+NoSleep.

After about 6 hours of struggling to make my way down into slumber town, I gave up and got dressed. And now I’m just trying to recharge my batteries with StupidCoffee™ which is a thick gluggy double shot, with a couple of spoons of added bournvita, and a couple of heaped spoons o’ brown sugar.  More specifically, it’s made up of horrible.  And milk.

Anyway, for now I’m struggling to underravel a smelly pile of rubbish spewing out of my office radio (a spinswoman talking about the murder of the infant twins, and the blatant disrepect for the law of the land being shown by the family – she just called it the "tight 12" good lord – justifying, exceptionally ineptly, the obfuscation of the murder through the casual use of the tikanga card.  "We want to find the culprits ourselves" she says, as if the family doesn’t already know exactly what happened.)

Perhaps I should just try to enjoy the morning bird song while the sun slowly rises on a velvety mauve sky.

Lordy, there’s enough light now to see that there’s a pretty healthy frost on the lawn.  What a time of year, eh?

I think I might go and walk the dog now, and then perhaps I’ll do a couple of lines of redbull before heading on down to the airport to pick up my mother as she arrives back from 3 blimmin’ months in Italy.