Hot & Wet

General, Reckons

For whatever reason, when Claire’s mother called her today, she called my cell number (instead of Claire’s cell, or the home phone, that is) and for whatever reason, when Claire changed the sheets, she left my phone on the bed.  So, of course, my phone went into the washing machine.  Still not realising what she’d done, she then put the load into the dryer.

I discovered what she’d done when we were getting ready to go out for some dinner, I couldn’t see the phone anywhere in the bedroom (the last place I saw it, obviously) and when Claire tried phoning it, I asked her if she’d put it through the wash.  She "hope[d] not."

So, when I found it, almost smouldering from the heat, wrapped up inside the duvet cover, still bump-bump-bumping around on a very hot tumble dry cycle, I couldn’t help myself but start laughing.

I’m very glad I didn’t have the nice new Motorola RAZR V3x I’ve been thinking of getting, and I was even gladder when my SIM still worked in an old Nokia I keep in a drawer for posterity.

Of course, I’m not actually ready to drop the (huge) chunk of change on the RAZR (or I would have already done so) so I’m stuck with my silly old Nokia for the time being.