It’s hard for haters to stop hating.

I mean, really, why are so many people ragging on the X-Men 3?  We thought it was cool fun.  Did people expect something other than a mutant super hero movie when they bought their tickets or something?

Also, I’m not giving up any spoilers on Lost, so don’t worry about that.  But we’ve just watched the season finale for season 2, and it was cool.  What the hell is up with the four toes thing?  I’d like to talk more about that sort of thing, and Invasion and stuff.  But it’s so hard to talk to an audience that a. isn’t even remotely interested, and b. those few that are interested might be watching it on NZ TV, in which case they’re several weeks behind, so anything I say will ruin surprises and so on.

Oh, Prison Break is just about the start in NZ, you should give it a go.  It’s pretty good.  (Even if it does take for-berluddy-ever for anything to happen.)

Don’t be a hater.