Vegetable Tart

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After last nights sugary madness, tonight I decided to bake something a little more savoury.

Delicious vegetable tart.

Vegetable Tart.
2 potatoes.
1 large red onion.
2 tomatoes.
3 eggs.
125g sour cream (about half a pottle).
100g feta (about half a block).
2 sheets frozen savoury pastry.
salt & pepper to taste.

Pre heat oven to 180c.

Defrost pastry and line lightly greased tart dish.

Slice potatoes thin, chop onion roughly, add both to a large frying pan to saute – not too hot, the potatoes will take a while.  Probably 20 minutes or so.

Mix eggs & sour cream in a bowl, chop up tomatoes roughly, slice feta into small cubes, mix all together.  Add salt & pepper to taste, mix a little more.

When potatoes are done (the red onions should be long since done, but won’t burn unless you have the heat up too high) make a layer with them and the onions in the tart dish, then pour egg mixture over the top.

Put into oven until visibles tomatoes look nicely cooked through and everything starts to look golden, about 30 – 40 minutes.

Best served with some sort of chutney or relish, tonight I served with turkish salsa and hummus, and it was really good.

If you’re awesome and nice, make a special extra tart in a ramikin for your delightful loving partner of 5 years to take to work, when she gets home from yoga and sees it, she’ll be very happy indeed.

Lunch sized vegetable tart.