The New, The Noodles, The Dodgeymansloski.

You may have noticed that I changed a couple of things with this site, is it better?  I’m not sure, but it’s easier for me to maintain.  There’s definitely some tweaking still required.

I hope you enjoy my new project The International Noodle Review. It’s a joke, if you don’t get it.  But it’s also lunch.

I’ve got another couple of projects in the works, one of them is a bit of a risk for me though, because while everything contained within it will be entirely factual, the person involved is, in my humble opinion, a complete fucksack, and might like to try to gag me with vexatious law suits or similar.

It’s a project to warn the world of a given person, and tell them to be cautious around him like the plague (which I’m sure he doesn’t carry), really an effort to allow people to google him, and see what they can expect if they have any dealings with him, like, oh, I don’t know, letting him rent their spare room, or ahh, ‘buy’ a product with credit, use their toilet paper (dear me, so childish!), &c.

2 thoughts on “The New, The Noodles, The Dodgeymansloski.

  1. WordPress, it’s hard to believe as I’m not using the Kubrick template. (You know, like our Dylan, and just about everyone else in the known universe.)

    Frankly I’m hoping for a lot of snarking in my comments, particularly from Heloise, I think I’ve earned that much.

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