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Yesterday I had a serious jones for some noodles, so I headed on down to Kim’s Club, the neighbourhood Korean supermarket, and grabbed a few things I fancied the look of (a few different noodles, and a bag of Korean fake onion rings).  For lunch I had Potato Noodle Soup, which I reviewed some months ago, and it was really, really good.  But today I had a new pot-style Kimchi noodle, and here is the review: Nong Shim Big Bowl Kimchi.

Things and things and stuff.

General, Noodles, Reckons, TV

I’ve been writing ‘things that aren’t this websote’ lately, you may have noticed.

The other day I put up another noodle review, another one from Trident, this time from their Sensations range – Pad Kee Mao.  They’re not very exciting.

We’re thinking very hard about moving house again – and to this end we went and looked at a lovely place in Epsom this afternoon, the garden was nice, the inside was us sized (but certainly no bigger), and so forth.  We’ll see what happens with that.

We’re considering the move thing due to, frankly, being sick of living with other people.  If it wasn’t little things like Heloise wearing cast iron hobnailed trollish stomping boots when she walked around the Paice Ave place; it was the far more revolting sound of painful shrieking anal sex (with or without horrible little toys) from our last flatmate.  Also his cooking.  Honestly, if you’re ever offered any fresh baked muffins or bread by that guy, say no.  Muffins aren’t supposed to taste like vinegar.  He was completely clueless in so many ways – but quite an accomplished bad debtor.  Oh boy but we had a lot of debt collectors dropping by, chasing him down.

So, we’re considering moving, even though I really really hate moving house.

In entertainment news, I’ve been watching a lot of American television.  Have you seen ‘My Name is Earl’?  It’s Jason Lee’s newest thing, I’ve only grabbed a handful of episodes, but it’s pretty good so far.

If you have seen it, do you remember the second episode where Earl tries to make up with his scary old psychopathic friend for letting him do two years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, well the same actor is a crazy guy in my favourite TV show of the moment – Prison Break.

If you haven’t seen Prison Break, you’re nothing to me, and I don’t know if I’d even bother to scrape you from the bottom of my shiny shiny shoe.

Talk about your awesomeness.  I bet they blow it eventually, but 10 or so episodes into the season, and they still haven’t.

What else have I been watching?  I mentioned Surface already I think, I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll keep watching it until it really drives me away.

Oh, but Lost, season 2 is pretty good.  I don’t really care if I spoil it for you, but I’ll speak circularly here…  The thing with the others, and the someone who gets shot by that nasty skank bitch?  That was horrible with the backwards talking and all the shh shh and "they’re getting very close" and so forth.  Oh boy.

This has really devolved into little more than stream of conciousness, so bye for now.

The New, The Noodles, The Dodgeymansloski.

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You may have noticed that I changed a couple of things with this site, is it better?  I’m not sure, but it’s easier for me to maintain.  There’s definitely some tweaking still required.

I hope you enjoy my new project The International Noodle Review. It’s a joke, if you don’t get it.  But it’s also lunch.

I’ve got another couple of projects in the works, one of them is a bit of a risk for me though, because while everything contained within it will be entirely factual, the person involved is, in my humble opinion, a complete fucksack, and might like to try to gag me with vexatious law suits or similar.

It’s a project to warn the world of a given person, and tell them to be cautious around him like the plague (which I’m sure he doesn’t carry), really an effort to allow people to google him, and see what they can expect if they have any dealings with him, like, oh, I don’t know, letting him rent their spare room, or ahh, ‘buy’ a product with credit, use their toilet paper (dear me, so childish!), &c.