The day the George stood still…

General, George, Reckons

Our good little boy managed to munge one of his toes, and twist the nail on his pointer ‘finger’ from his right paw through a full 90 degrees, he was bleeding everywhere, but in good spirits.

We took him to the emergency vet, and to resolve it he had to have a general anaesthetic administered, he’s a bloody little fighter, he refused to lie down until his legs buckled, and then he refused to close his eyes. My battling little buddy.

The veterinarian then excised the nail and cauterised the wound.

George in the operating theatre.

There are other photos as well, George being knocked out, and comforted, and a close-up on the operating table.

$402 well spent, he’s up and around, and seems mostly okay, but pretty low, oh, and he now has a pretty blue bandage to try to chew off for the next couple of days.