General, Reckons

We spent the weeked in Wellington and had a great time. I’ve put up a gallery of a selection of the photos we took in and around Wellington, including such obvious choices as Parliament & The Beehive, and The Botanic Gardens, and so forth.

I’ve also added a bunch of Wellington stencils and graffiti to the street art page.

One word of advice, if you’re taking a taxi anywhere in our capital, make sure you get a Combined taxi, they’re nice and reliable, they don’t rip you the fuck off, and they actually seem to know where they’re going.

The renovation of The Embassy is officially awesome, this is what they should have done with the civic, it’s super comfortable (especially the super plush leather seats we chose in the platinum section), and the screen is great. We watched Crash and enjoyed it in a depressing sort of a way – if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

On the good front, and just look at me, obviously I like to eat – and we went back to a couple of our old favourites, but also tried a couple of new places. I’ll add them to my restaurants page later.