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Teen admits kicking puppy to death

A Kaitaia teenager who kicked a six-week-old puppy so hard it died of its injuries could face up to three years in jail.

Halen Joseph Heemi, 17, a road worker, has pleaded guilty in the Manukau District Court to ill-treating a doberman-type puppy.

The court heard that Heemi, who had owned the puppy for less than half an hour, threw it 10m into the air and when it landed on the ground he booted it like a football, killing it.

New Zealand Herald. 02/09/05.

Some people will never amount to anything, but I get the feeling, and I think I’m right, but I reckon Halen has a shining future as one of the biggest scumbags in the far north, and that’s a hell of an achievment.

I hope they throw the fucking book at him.