International Carpentry Superstar

I did my first hit-and-run carpentry on Sunday night, it was good fun. I sneaked onto someone’s property and fixed some things while they weren’t looking. Be interesting to see if my work is noticed.

This election is seriously giving me the shits, just what the fuck is up with all these polls? I think in some ways we’d be better off with no polls. Especially if the accusations of super-sketchiness on the part of the Sunday Star-Times prove to be true.

We have to be honest now, the swings we’ve been seeing are all simply too great to be even remotely credible. In the space of three days, it beggars belief that the population would throw their weight behind the nats to the tune of 44 odd %, then change their mind the next day and drop them back to 37%, then the next day decide they were right the first time.

It just doesn’t have any credibility, so what is the truth? Are our pollsters fuckwits? Or is there just something suss about the method?

Enough! We’ll all find out exactly what everyone thinks in just a few days.

And I hope enough people agree with me to put the right people in power. But even with the wrong government in power, there’s still no better country in the world to live in, so I’m hardly about to pull that sad cock-blocked Democrat trick and claim to be leaving for Canada or Belgium if the wrong guy ends up on the throne.

Oh, on the weekend we had a couple of dinners with friends, and a few games of Rummikub, which I’d never played before. Friday night found us at Dylan’s where I cooked a pretty average carbonara. The game ended up with 2 rounds to Mel, 1 to me, 1 to Claire, and 0 to Dylan. Saturday night had Francois & Kate over, had a close first game, which I won, then a completely ridiculous second game – I couldn’t beld for over 10 rounds, then won in a turn with manipulations totalling something in the order of 22 pieces. That’s right, I put down 22 pieces in a single turn.

It was unbelievable.

(Kate is really good, even when distrcted by having to nurse Matteo, and the end result doesn’t effectively show the actual game play, which was really close – except for me, I was completely out of it except for that one lucky play.)

Other news…

Nothing on the Atlantis front yet, season 2 episode 8 wasn’t available until a day or two ago, and I’ve been having a hell of a time getting it down.

My mother has moved back from Thailand into Laos, I’m not sure when she’s going to be back in NZ.

I’ve got a list of 7 potential business ideas, 3 or 4 of which look really promising, but I’m thinking really seriously about taking a break from being entirely self-employed for a while, I’m getting a bit tired of chasing work and waiting for cheques. Doing it all yourself can be pretty stressfull. Perhaps I just need a business partner. (This is not a request for statements of interest.)