An ejaculation of digital trivia…

Right, I’ve been saving up for a week or two, but I don’t really want to write too much right now, so you just get the key points and no jokes.

  1. Went and saw ‘Kung fu hustle’ on the opening night of the film festival, it was… Choice. From the same guy that brought us Shaolin Soccer — only better. Oh yes.

    So many of the characters were awesome, like… The fairy tailor… The loudmouthed (hur hur) chain smoking land lady. The scene where the landlord goes flying out of the window and tumbles spinning to smash into the ground, oh man, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

    Just see it.

  2. We went and saw ‘The Edukators’, this was billed as a cross between, uh, ‘Run Lola Run’ and something else, this is complete bullshit, it’s nothing like ‘Run Lola Run’ whatsoever. It was also way too long, and a ctually pretty terrible for a while there in the middle. When it was being good, it was really hitting the notes, when it wasn’t, oh boy.

    Booorrring. Especially the entirely unconvincing and childish argument the anarchists are trying to use on Hardenberg. Maybe all anarchists are childish and self-centred, I don’t know, I can’t say I’ve spoken to a hell of a lot of them. Do anarchists even exist?

    Oh, of course some moments were great and funny and entertaining, it was just that whole middle 30 minutes or so. Oh boy.

  3. I’ve finally managed to get Claire to come with me for Korean food, she still doesn’t really like it (except for Korean BBQ) but as long as she gets pancakes, she’s happy. We’ve eaten Korean about 3 times this week. Happy.
  4. Tonight we went and saw ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, I think this is from the same people that brought us ‘Spirited Away’, it’s really good. Even though it did get a bit weird and Asian-style-incomprehensible towards the end there. (*spoilers* For example, why did she tell Calcifer to smash the castle to bits?

    I think Calcifer was one of the top characters, I also liked the sludgy men, and the doggy. (Of course.)

  5. Oh, I’m building a new website somewhere on the internet, if you find it you get no prize. Oh, but do let me know you found it. (Hint: the address is really really bloody obvious.) I’m mostly using the new site to build something completely invisible for a Quirk site, so I’m not doing much work on it that’s visible or for me, or entertaining, or whatever. (Actually, don’t bother looking, I’ll announce the address and function properly later on this week, maybe early next week.)
  6. I really want Labour to pull finger out, I don’t want a National government, Don Brash is an idiot, I couldn’t possibly face three years of him saying "aaaah" in his horrible cartoon character way. Also, hate John Key.
  7. I’ve got loads of work to do right now, very little of it for clients so it doesn’t immediately make me much money, but it’s almost overwhelming me, and I really want to get everything done — stuff like the new site, for example, which should be rewarding in a personal and long term way. But a pile of other things as well.
  8. Boobs are great. ( o Y o )
  9. Oh, last thing, and this one is really important, we’ve found the absolute perfect movie time drink. Get a ‘tall’ (or larger) cup of decaf white chocolate mocha. So fucking good. Starbucks, Esquires, even that place in Borders (Gloria Jean’s?), they’re all fine. Yummo.

    (We’ve tested this one 4 or 5 times now, and it is now and established fact that this is quite simply the BEST movie drink.)