Touch your own void.

No beer today.

Last night we went to an Auckland Film Festival movie called Touching the Void… It’s about a couple of brit climbers who got into a bit of trouble on a South American mountain in the mid 80’s fantastic story, excellent movie… That Boney M bit was genius.


I don’t think I can face going to any other movies in the festival, as the Civic is simply the most shit movie theatre in the whole city of Auckland.

The seats are dreadful, and ruin the experience for me, when this is combined with the near flat floor, making for roughly zero good positions to sit when watching the movie, and the whole experience is very nearly ruined.

So, I recommend the movie, but if you ever have a choice between seeing a movie in the civic, and seeing it somewhere else, see it somewhere else.

We are… We’re not going to see Fahrenheit 911 atthe festival, we’re instead going to watch it at Rialto (I don’t know why they even have it on at the festival when it’s in general release so soon, probably because that fucker Ant Timpson didn’t get the rights for it and hold it up for years, dirty bastard), the seats at the Rialto are only slightly better, but the experience is massively improved. (For really good seats & theatre design go to St Lukes.)

Accomodation for the weekend has been booked, looks like we’ll be staying in National Park one night and skiing Whakapapa, then toodling over to Ohakune for a couple of nights and skiing at Turoa. Seems like a pretty good balance. Just as long as I get one of those delicious Red Bull & Jagermeister things from Schnapps while I’m in National Park. We’re staying in the place with the climbing wall, so I’ll have to try to convince the girls to give that a go — Claire was into it last time, but I’m not sure if Louise likes to do that sort of thing.