More a wagon than an SUV, really.

This is very difficult for me to say, but I’m now thinking about a buying an SUV.

Yes, I’m going to change your environment. I’ve always thought New Zealand could be a little bit warmer anyway, and just think of all those lucky people who’ll find themselves the proud owners of waterfront property in Mt Eden. We can have gondolas on Queen St. Maybe even Kayak to work along the North Western Canalway, or enjoy the whitewater rapids through Greenlane and down into Newmarket.

Anyway, the girl and I headed out for a weekend of test drives and good fun, and I’ve got to tell you, I was seriously impressed by a Mitsubishi RVR, and I’m kidding, of course, it’s more like a big wagon than an SUV, really.

It was very comfortable inside, the back seats have enourmous room, more like a limo than anything else I’ve been in, great big arm rests, clever cup holders (x4), all sorts of lights and little cubbyholes and such.

And the engine was so smooth, it was really nice. By comparison with the wagons I looked at, it was simply streets ahead. And compared to the Celica, which is so bloody low to the ground, it was delightful to get in and out of. It also had really great visibility.

I guess it’ll take a while for me to get used to the idea of being a 4WD owner – not that I actually am yet, but you know, it’s worth thinking about these things now, to see how I will feel.

I do pity those behind me that have their visibility cut down. And the poor fool that tries to cut me off now, what with the bull bars and all – I’m sure I told everyone what happened to the poor sap that cut me off coming out of St Lukes, and that was just a sedans standard bumper.

Also pity the fuel economy. Not as bad as some, of course, four wheel drive isn’t the most efficient way to get the power to the tires, it adds drive train inefficiency, and it adds weight to the vehicle. However, it is extremely grippy, as you might expect.

So, now I just have to find the one with the right fit out… In dark blue or black (the green ones look horrible to me and I’m not sure if I’d like to drive a red car), ideally with… Well, a whole lot of stuff which I’m just a little bit embarassed to admit I’m looking for in a car.

I guess, though, that it is the little things in life, and I hadn’t really considered sun roofs, tinted windows, cup holders, etc, as a serious part of my wish list, but now that I’ve seen how nice it can be to have some of these things…

Dot dot dot.

Oh yeah, I got sick again, so I’m on the Somac 20mg one a day, once again, it does the trick nicely. Also, I’m a damn hero. But I’ve told the story so many times now I don’t think I can face writing it all down. If you want to hear it, email me.