Somac, not Soma.

General, Reckons

Ok, full marks for spotting my chronological error on the previous post, I know it was the 24th not the 28th, and it’s been updated now.

Also, I’m not crazy, I’m not taking Soma, I’m taking Somac! Stop sending me weird emails now. I just have a gastric ulcer. I’m not part of some weird future society with bizarre enforced genetic stratification (and flying cars).

The car thing is quite exciting, I’m looking at another one next week, black rather than blue, and possibly no sun roof, but if it performs right in the test drive, I might snaffle it up.

I’m slightly concerned by the reputation of this model to have slightly weak transmissions, but I think I’ll just have to deal with the risk, and make sure I put all the preventative maintenance in that I can.