The Bruce, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Ok, that was almost completely incoherant, let me try again.

Bruce Hucker is running for Mayor of Auckland, I like like him and I’ve met him a couple of times, Christine Fletcher is also running for Mayor, I like her better than I like Banks, but frankly I don’t think she’s especially wonderful in and of herself. Banks is also running for re-election, I think he’s a little shit, and I’d rather have Adolf Hitler in the post than him, at least Hitler would do something about our Jew problem in Auckland (they literally throng the streets, and leave dreydles everywhere, and they don’t eat bacon, so their lives can’t be worth living anyway, am I right?).

Wait, no, I mis-spoke, I didn’t mean Adolf Hitler, I mean Kim Jong Il, I think that Kim would be a great mayor of Auckland, what with all the oppression and lies and starvation and isolation and stuff, and plus, then we’d have someone to take care of all our Japanese, Kim could just kidnap ’em, then trade them for rice and fireworks.

Anyway, neither Adolf nor Kim are in the race, but Christine Fletcher, Bruce Hucker, and John Banks are. Fletcher is currently polling a bit higher than Hucker, but as we saw last time, two relatively strong centre/left candidates can easily split the vote and hand a tiny majority to whatever idiot the right are prepared to support, even though a large majority of voters actually can’t stand the snivelling little nutter (not naming anyone here).

So we know what happens with a split left vote, and indeed Fletcher has now come out asking for Hucker to abandon the race, but what would she do if the shoe was on the other foot?

Anyway, it’s impossible to know until it actually happens.

Whatever though, Hucker has to pull his finger out if he wants to have any chance at all. And unlike that little fucker McCarten, which ever one of them is trailling when it comes time for the election had better stand aside.

Does that make any more sense?