Plummet to your doom!

General, Reckons

The last thing I’m going to say today is completely non-political, just the way you like it.

On Friday, as I mentioned, we took a couple of young boys out to Rainbow’s End for an evening of fun, and we got it, aside from all the usual suspects we all already know and love (the corkscrew rollercoaster, the bumper boats, gold rush, log flume, etc.) they’ve got a new ride (well, relatively new)… The Fear Fall, and I’ve gotta tell you, it lives up to it’s name, you get strapped into a little seat, then get cranked straight up the outside of a tower, higher and higher, wondering how much higher this bloody thing can go, and god damn but we’re up high, and, uh, we’re still going up, I can almost see my house from here, oh, we’ve stopped going up, oh no, that means now we go down… Then they just let go of you, and you free fall.

This is scary!

You imagine that jumping out of a building you’d sort of just glide down to your death on the ground, the truth is gravity grabs a hold of you and violently pulls on your body, physically dragging you screaming to the ground. Thankfully in the case of the Fear Fall you don’t plummet to your doom, but it sure feels like you might when you’re in the middle of your ride.

Damn it was a good ride. You should try it. It’ll freak the hell out of you. This is a good thing, I think.

It’ll also mean you never ever contemplate suicide by jumping off anything high. (I don’t think you should contemplate suicide by any means, but you get my point, I hope.)