Rincebonce End.

General, Reckons

So, hopefully we’ll have a new mayor soon… But only if either Bruce Hucker is Christine Fletcher dop out of the race, judging by past performance, Fletcher would rather split the vote and hand the city to the ignorant right than do the honourable thing and stand aside, but at the moment, judging by popularity, I’d say that Hucker would be more likely to stand aside, which is a big shame as I have enourmous respect for the man, though I’ve only met him on a hanfdul of occasions.

His profile is so low, if he doesn’t have some seriously clever tricks up his PR sleeve, he’ll be just enough to keep Banks in the chains.

Who would I prefer out of Fletcher and Hucker? Hucker, no doubt about it. But if the choice is between Banks and Fletcher, well… I think that’s obvious, isn’t it?

Anyway, we’re taking a couple of boys off to a special function at Rainbows End, if I throw up after riding the rollercoaster, I’ll be sure to think of you.