Christmas Eve Dinner

The turkey (and the meal displayed here) wasn’t Christmas dinner, but a meal I don’t usually celebrate – Christmas Eve dinner. The stuffing was completely outrageous, almost certainly the best I’ve tasted. And bonus, I made it.

I won’t tell you exactly how to make it, this isn’t a recipe post, but it starts with about two thirds of a cup of turkey fat, bacon fat, olive oil, butter, a little lemon zest & juice, and some parsley. A good cupped of mushrooms, and a couple of onions are sauteed, then about a cup of fresh parsley and 8 or 10 leafs of fresh sage, all mixed up then a whole pile of fresh breadcrumbs, 8 cups or more, then chuck it into the oven in a roasting dish for 20 or 30 minutes.

Amazing texture, incredible flavour, and unbelievably rich.