Making another short…

For use as part of the 48hours Auckland finals. We shot 5 locations in about 4 hours – though depending on how you count, this could actually be as many as 9. We went totally guerilla with very quick setup, and much more of a shoot & scoot approach than we usually do with our regular 48hours production team (which suits me, I like to figure stuff out in advance, and shoot quickly – we didn’t do the sorting out, so we weren’t that quick, but still far quicker than the team’s normal approach).

Including shooting, with permission, in a city convenience store – for which I had to pay the steep price of $4. (It was either drop $4 for a can of V or the guy was going to kick us out, man really was not delighted when we turned up with a camera.)

Andrew Conlan wearing a snorricam rig on set.

Andrew wearing a snorricam rig on set – have only checked footage on the camera LCD, but it looks great so far.

Apee on location.

So what’s the short about? Well, here’s a hint in the form of our Apee (our award for winning 48hours Auckland in 2008) at one of our locations.

Oh, and just by the way, I die horribly at the end of a sword.

It’s really stupid, and hopefully going to be a lot of fun for those few who are lucky enough to see it.