Pear & Vanilla Crumble

Pear and vanilla crumble

Stewed pears and vanilla seed, only have a shot of the pre-crumbling version, as things got quite busy (I made an apple & boysenberry, and apple & apricot at the same time). All of the delicious pear juice (and a hefty measure of raw sugar) cooked up into a deliciously decadent caramel flavour  bomb.

Will put together a recipe next week, when I’ll probbaly be making a fullsize version. (Only made a strange little 1/4 size one this time, so not yet certain about ideal quantities or cooking time.)

The crumble was about as perfect as it can be in a gas oven, I think – almost like a shortbread.

If people knew how much butter went into it, well let’s just say they might savour it even more.

But no one can resist.

2 thoughts on “Pear & Vanilla Crumble

  1. how nice of you to say – and yeah it really was. the crumble was incredible. didn’t quite have time to get a shot. will be making more on Sunday though – fingers crossed it goes so well.

    and may I say your hair looks nice today. 😀

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