Desperately clutching at failure

You what?

Now what I wanted to show you was another MS marketing video, this one the latest in their I’m a PC line. A simple, but pretty effective punch, aiming at the low end of the market – somewhere they can do some damage to Apple. We follow the perky redheaded “Lauren”, who is tasked with the job of finding a 17″ laptop for under $1000. Good luck doing that in the Apple store. (Where they go first, because duh.) And including brilliant lines such as “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person.” Brilliant.

Instead, they don’t get me promoting that, no instead they get me lambasting them. Because, seriously, what the fuck Microsoft? You think my browser can’t display your video? It just did on another site.

So of course once I click the “You can continue if you want but we’re pretty sure you’ll burst into flame” button, surprise surprise it works. And then, well I want to embed a video on my site, but… They won’t let me. I can “link” back, or I can “link back with a picture”, but no incrustar el vídeo, de puta. But I just saw it embedded in my google reader. What the hell are you playing at? You gotta let people embed.


Anyway, through the marvels of… once it’s on the internet it’s on the Черт мать чертову internet so вкусно пообедать в яичках. Here is the video:

[flv: 600 360]