On the Shoulders of Giants

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There has been something of a fuss about the recently released poster for Diablo Cody’s forthcoming film Jennifer’s Body, as it turns out it looks somewhat familiar to anyone who has seen the advertising materiel for True Blood.

I think it’s quite clear that the Jennifer’s Body poster is, in the most optimistic terms inspired by the TrueBlood poster. But is it a rip-off, or is it a riff? Is it legitimately standing on the shoulders of giants?

Well there’s no question that the TrueBlood & Jennifer’s Body posters are much more similar (and developed) to one another than either of them are to these posters, I just want to point out that the motif isn’t an entirely original one.

We’re biologically programmed to find bright red lips pleasing, so there’s no surprise at all that lips have had a long history in movie posters.

But just take another look at how great that TrueBlood poster is. Wow.