Salvia Surprise

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The pipe is loaded with Salvia Divinorum (AKA Mexican Tripping Weed or Diviner’s Sage), which is legal in New Zealand.  It is remarkably, shockingly powerful stuff – but I think it’s appropriate that it should be legal for a couple of reasons: mainly because the effects only last about 10 minutes, but also that the biggest cons listed on the net for Salvia are that people don’t enjoy the experience – or are afraid of it – so don’t use it ever again.

5 thoughts on “Salvia Surprise

  1. Hmm, watchout, if you are trying to kiss her, but she is in the car and you are standing between the car and the fridge in the garage.

  2. Now that I have finished watching the video. Awesome, loved the editing, you are picking it up a notch each time I must say and its very cool to see.

  3. Hello, do you have any rrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooowwwwwwrrrrrr?

    No, but we have several pints of YEEEEEEOW! Dun dun dunh!

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