Super High Me (2007)

A documentary very much in the style of Morgan Spurlock’s hugely popular Super Size Me.  And by in “the style of”, I mean they completely ripped the whole thing off, from beginning to end, but vastly inferiorly.

Rather than McDonald’s burgers every meal for a month, here we instead have ‘Stoner Comedian of the Year’ Doug Benson getting stoned, all day every day, for an entire month.

Benson is less charismatic or engaging than Spurlock, and – amazingly enough – appears to be faking when he smokes, filling his fat cheeks with each draw but seemingly not actually inhaling.

The whole setup simply didn’t hold my interest anything like as well as Super Size Me did – there’s some good stuff going on when they look at California’s dubiously legal (the state says yes, the feds say “oh helllll no”) medical marijuana dispensaries.  There are just too many of Benson’s comedian pals, engaging in a sort of self-congratulatory circle-jerk, and not nearly enough information about the actual subject.

Don’t go out of your way to see it. (Unless you’re a huge stoner. But then, who is these days?)