One Man Star Wars Trilogy

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MRF had the fantastic idea of checking out this performance, which is part of the Comedy Festival, but not really a comedian.   Well not in the usual sense of the word.

The concept is simple – and is pretty well laid out right there in the title – one man (Charles Ross) in a plain black overall, by himself on an empty stage, acting out the entire story of all three movies that made up the original Star Wars trilogy in one hectic, sweaty, vivid, evocative hour.

He didn’t quite manage to hit every note – his Yoda was execrable – but the really good far outweighed the less than sublime – his Jabba was brilliant, and he made for a pretty good Tie Fighter (if not such a great B or X-Wing).

Heavy on the laughs, and at not an entirely unreasonable price (particularly given that 25% of the ticket apparently goes to lining George Lucas’s pockets, in licensing fees), I’d have to say this was a pretty strongly recommended performance.

If it pops up in your town, you really should go along, it’s makes for a fun night out.  (But you’ve missed him at the Festival for this year in Auckland & Wellington.)