The satisfying ring of ears that have en(joy/dur)ed another big night out.

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There’s just something about stumbling through the garden, past the happy din of the morning chorus, and falling in through my door that just feels… Right. Anyway, my ears really are ringing and the bed is calling out to me like a sirene, but I want to get a few things down before I crash (let’s just say I’ve enjoyed a few drinks, and that I want to get some memories down before I risk letting them evaporate in the alcohol & dance induced coma I feel is now entirely inevitable).

Right: Burgers with Mike’s crew at 3am.
Wrong: That           . (Sorry           , I’m sure there are lots of good things about you, but I                  .)
Right: Making our way to Flight Lounge, I don’t remember who had the good idea, but it was genius.
Wrong: Not having a better chance to               . (           akward.)
Right: Having the 2 guys that tried to get into the club in front of me be sent packing, then being ushered in by the bouncers with a big smile and a few nice words.
Wrong: Giving out my new cards to all and sundry. I can’t help it – I just love these damn cards. XD
Right: I don’t want to go on about    . Take a hint.
Wrong: Making so many passes at Kat. Teehee. (Kat & Mike are so friggin’ perfect for each other, I want a relationship like that.)
Right: Telling the             that I didn’t         .
Wrong: Being so blunt by not              any     when I was getting rounds. I didn’t mean to be so             . Mea culpa.
Right: Making lots of new friends.

Ok, so I don’t like this formatting, but I only have time for a quick drink of water before I fall on the floor and sleep, slack jawed and drooling openmouthed on the carpet here in the lounge, so I’m just going to have to leave it as is and move on. (And maybe evaporate mentions of any              before anyone who knows what I’m talking about notices and shames the hell out of me for my lameness.) XD

Nighty-night my dear internet friends.

(You should get in touch.)

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