Sun, fun, and my big white bum.

Hai internet, so this has been one of the best weekends of the year to date I reckon.

Even cleaning up the house this afternoon is rocking out like a motherfucker. (Seriously. The last club Jon and I were at last night dropped some inspired Prodigy at once point, so I’m replicating the experience on The Denon this arvo while I throw out old clothes. I’m also trying to figure out why I have so many rattle cans in the house – might be Stencil time again.)

Anyway, on Friday after getting all Eeed up I dropped by Cactus for a drink – it turned out Karl was giving Lou-lou an iPhone (inspired) so Eee got put away (iPhones have changed everything in the phone space, have you noticed that all other phones pretty much look like old fashioned crap next to a hacked iPhone?). Then we headed out with Karl & Matt’s crew for dinner at a nice Thai place on Ponsonby Rd. One of Matt’s old friends is totally in to me. (Ok, I might be deluded. Bygones.)

Saturday was sleepty, as it turns out that Eee, with its wide screen and light weight is a fantastic way to watch the ol’ torrented TV in bed land, so I may have watched Razor until… well past my bed time. Followed that up with a fabulously lazy and utterly decadent Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night was Mike & Kat’s going away thing – I rolled in to The Crib around 11, and unfortunately I missed the wonderful Karl & Lou-lou (I guess this is what you expect when you’re expecting, and they’d been up late the night before hacking her aforementioned new phone).

It was a damn good time, Mike & Kat have a lot of really nice friends. Now, it’s unreasonable for me to judge, but I think it all got even better when The Morgan arrived (Mike was looking pretty tired, as he’d already been going for hours), and with the assistance of many cocktails, and a couple of pretty bad (but fun) games of pool things turned into something to be proud of. And of course then we kicked off into town for etc etc (more about that earlier).

So as I already mentioned, I finally got home about 6, so of course is was destined that I’d get a txt from Mark at 11.45, he picked me up to go meet up with a crowd of folk down at Altar, just past Mt Eden Village, for the brunch of champions (their peach tea was rubbish, but the bacon, coffee, and conversation were pretty good, I thought), exchanged a quiet smile with the Clairabelle (her boy was there, she thinks it’s awkward, I’m pretty sure I don’t really give a shit), txt flirted with Lou-lou, kidded-around-flirted with AJs hot long-term girlfriend, look-flirted with a 16-18 year old girl at another table. (She may have been younger or older, make-up confuzzles my detection systems – one reason I don’t like it – whatever though, she was easy with a smile, and easy on the eyes.)

Also came up with a whole new sub-class of            , don’t think I can bring myself to produce it, but hell let’s just see. (It’s satirical, and all about the name, which happens to be an apt acronym.)

Mark, Simon & I then rolled out to Leon’s place for some pool and bullshitting (we won), before we headed on down to Lilliputt for a nice round of minigolf, where I kinda-flirted with the hot MILF playing with her son behind us. (Damn she had a nice car too, Benzo SLK230, now that’s a hot-ass convertible.) Simon won, he’s got a pretty clean shot.

And now… Well, Prodigy is booming, I’ve cleared away all the empty beer bottles, and got a bunch of laundry on (and more to come), while I tidy the winter out of my sunny little flat.

All in all, these are some good times at the beginning of what could be a very nice Summer.

How about you?

Public Service Announcement: Your upcoming BBQ will be far more fun if The Morgan is there. I promise I will not won’t flirt with your girlfriend/wife/mum.

And now I’m going to boogie while I do the vacuuming and throw out some shoes. (I’ve got my eye on three pairs for the bin.)

(Normally I don’t write about these things, but everything feels like it’s coming together just right, so I want to remember this one, forgive me.) 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sun, fun, and my big white bum.

  1. It does sound like you are happy – thats a good thing.

    Also – come to our BBQ – you can flirt with anyone’s girlfriend/wife/mum that you want to.
    And we haven’t seen you in a while and would be goodto catch up over copious alcohol and grilled meat.

  2. Lack of space using in “good to” is because I am on a laptop that I’m not used to and am trying to prevent small person from switching it off in the middle of stuff. Again.

  3. Well, you’ll notice that the sentence was carefully constructed around a double-negative, so the happy reality is that everyone is up for the game. XD

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