Never trust a critic.*

I was out for dinner with a couple of friends last night who’d just seen Resident Evil: Extinction. Their conclusion? They didn’t really think too much of it.

So, remember this simple rule when you read my reviews: Morgan is Morgan is Morgan is Awesome.

Actually, keep that rule in mind at all times – it’ll make your whole life better and more productive when you come to terms with it.

In addition to that simple rule, here’s another one, only marginally less important to us all: Do things for yourself so you can judge them on your own terms. (Especially when it comes to zombie movies, as I’ll always rate them unreasonably favourably – due to my uncontrollable addiction to being scared out of my wits.)

Oh, the dinner was at Mezze, good conversation, reasonably good food (though overpriced) but the thing is that I have a lot of memories invested in that place that are a bit distracting for me.

I think perhaps I should                                                                                         , that’d wash away the ghosts.

* Especially not me.