Resident Evil : Extinction (2007)

I like: hot women, science fiction, zombies. Roll them all up together and what do you get? That’s right: Resident Evil.

This is the third in the Resident Evil series (so far?). Now, what’s the normal rule of sequels? Who cares! This is by far the best of the bunch.

Everything is fucked. Everyone is dead. Well, practically. There are a few Umbrella complexes operating around the world, there are a few stragglers out in the wild, running to live. It’s been years since everything went to shit… And as it turns out, the zombies don’t need to eat to live (they just like human flesh a lot, go figure) so they’re going to be around for decades. It turns out that the virus that causes the zombieism also affects other animals, and even plants… So the entire world is turning to desert.

So, like I said, everything is fucked.

But Alice is still alive, and she has guns.

It’s brutal, visceral, violent. You know how in some movies you get scared? You jump, and maybe feel a little embarassed, so perhaps you try to take a different posture in your seat to hide the inevitable next jump. Maybe you get so scared of the music building up to a climax that you even go as far as looking off to one side of the screen, as if peripheral vision will save you from being eaten.

This is totally one of those movies.

And – with the given caveat that it is a horror/zombie/scifi movie – it’s really very good.

Great performances, with returning roles for characters from the previous movies, and the introduction of that crazy-hot and plain crazy MPD chick from Heroes, as well as a small group of others. (Including some who get their just desserts with cherries on top.)

(Karl, I’m sure you already are, but you have to avoid this one like the plague.)

Everyone else will dig it.

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