Your pathetic human brain is obsessed with trifles.

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The ridiculous little sacks of meat and chemicals we use to keep our thoughts in are easily amused. They love round numbers. While tooling around in the car last night, my brain said ‘ooh, something interesting is coming’ and forced me to take an exquisitely timed photograph of the odometer as it wound around to a magic number.

Odometer winds around to a pathetic human brain pleasing number.

If our brains were better at telling the difference between ‘something that is important and interesting’ and ‘something that is — ooh look how round it is, this must be significant’ then I wouldn’t have bothered to post this up. But they’re not, are they? (Be honest.)

4 thoughts on “Your pathetic human brain is obsessed with trifles.

  1. No one is laughing at the fact you were travelling 170km/h when you took the photo? You’re a danger to yourself and all those who traveling around you, in Photoshop.

  2. All I really wanted was for someone to say they’d noticed. So for this, bro, you have my sincere gratitude.

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