The Wild Weird Wide World of Sushi

If I’d thought of sushi yesterday, I would never automatically have also thought of hotdogs. Today, the world has changed.

Hotdog Sushi

After my marginally disappointing experience with Beethoven’s Hair I went and had some Japanese for lunch with Lin, and what do I spy in my bento? That’s right, hotdog sushi. Nigiri made with sushi rice & nori, frankfurter, pickle, mustard & mayonnaise.

My friends, Hotdog Sushi is a harbinger of the end of the world, it was foretold.

Make your time.

6 thoughts on “The Wild Weird Wide World of Sushi

  1. YUM.

    Seriously, yum.

    Please note that there was no ketchup. A traditional Chicago hotdog never has ketchup. (Ok, it never has nori either, but impressive on the no-ketchup thing!)

  2. It wasn’t tooooooo bad, tasted very strongly of pickle & mustard. I certainly wouldn’t ever choose it over a nice California roll, but fun is fun.

  3. There’s a place near work that does “Japanese pizza” sushi. It has prawn and some other bits and pieces, but no cheese or obvious pizza toppings.

    But that hotdog sushi…

    I… want… one…

  4. If you really want one, it was at Umi Sushi at the back of the Atrium foodcourt. They have a very interesting selection.

    Umi Sushi’s Interesting Selection

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